ॐ अम्बे॒डअम्बि॒केम्बा॑लिके॒ न मा॑ नयति॒ कश्च॒न ।
सस॑त्यस्वकः सुभद्रिकां काम्पीलवासिनी॑म् ॥
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“Shree Ganeshay Namah”

Gem Stone Astrology રત્ન જ્યોતિષ શાસ્ત્ર:
The nature has endowed us with rare abilities and precious things. They include many things. The nature has gifted us with the earth, water, mountains, trees, rivers, air, fruits, clay(soil-માટી), plants, diamonds,- rubies, gems and pearls etc. It has given us precious metals like gold, silver, platinum and copper etc.

At present we study the Gem-Astrology. They are precious gifts to us from the nature. Our scholars, sages, monks etc. have mentioned them in Vedas(વેદો-પુરાણો). E.G. many gems are mentioned in Rigveda (ઋગવેદ). In the same way these gems are mentioned in the books like Bible etc. In The Bruhatsanhita (બૃહદ્દસંહિતા) written by the sage VarahaMihir (વરાહ મિહિર)and in many ancient books and Granths about the use of the gems it is mentioned i the preparation of medicines. The gem which was known as “Lajavanti” (લાજવંતી) is now known as “Nilam”

A gem is not associated with any religion. People of any religion can use gems- stone. Before many years of
the famous diamond Kohinoor was looted by Nadir Shah and was taken to Iran. Then this diamond returned to King Ranjit Singh of Punjab. Ranjit Singh gave it as a gift to
lord Curzon. He gave this diamond to Queen Victoria
. It is since than in the British Royal Crown. It is now in the possession of Britishers which is pride for them.
Gems are found in hilly regions just as a diamond in coal mines, a coral is found in sea only. It (a coral) (પરવાળુ) is also known as sea vegetables (coral reef). The Mars is a sun on the earth. So, a person should think many times before putting it A Mangal (મંગળનો નંગ-gem of Venus)gem. As such also it may not beneficial to put on any gem- stone. It should be selected accordingly to the birth or horoscope (chart).

A gem is directly related to Science. The scientists have performed many experiments as have known that many elements are still included in them. In diamond, there is only Carbon. Diamond is pure. Many other gems contain elements like Sodium, Iron, Calcium, Copper, Oxygen, Hydrogen, etc. a gem works as a therapy. If there is a deficiency of blood or impurity, the blood can be purified with the help of gems.

Real following description :
1. Ruby(માણેક):This gem helps a person in remove the diseases like gas, acidity, heart and constipation etc. it also gives credit and respect either from government or people in general.
2. Pearl(મોતી): Many astrologers believes that is gem of Chandra-Moon is helps into control angriness of a person, but what I believe is that this method do not help into remove anger ness yet man is benefitted with high level of thinking among bad and evil. It also helps in the pain like in chest, deformation, mental abnormality, excess,maneustraion and others. Overall, this pearl (મોતી) is very beneficial for everyone.
3. Coral (પરવાળુ): It stops deformation in blood. It regulates menstrual cycle for a woman. It gives relief if there is excess of headache.
4. Emerald (પન્ના): It controls skin diseases. As it is directly related to the nervous system, it improves the thinking power. It purifies stomach trouble as well.(If a person suffers from lucoderma, he should not put on gems of mars and mercury together).
5. Yellow sapphire (પોખરાજ): It helps to control weight. But if a person is overweight, he/she should not put yellow sapphire. He/she should consult as astrologer and follow his advice. It gives relief in liver trouble as well. Yet, it is advisable for the diabetes patients to not to put on this gem without the instruction of their astrologer.
6. Diamond (હીરો):It helps into cure venereal diseases. If there is any problem with semen, it also useful to remove the same. It even helps to remove any problem related with organs/penis.
7. Blue diamond (નીલમ):It helps into removing problems related to gastritis, deficiency of blood, venereal diseases and impotency. It is beneficial for the people who are suffering with problems of mouth and throat. It improves difficulties about genetic organs.
In our astrology there is information about many gems. But information about seven (7) gems and diseases related to them only are given here.
Note: Some advantage is derived if a proper germ is put on according to the advice of an astrologer. Some gems can be put upon as a therapy for some time.

(1) Sun (સૂર્ય)– Ruby (માણેક). (2) Moon-Pearl (ચંદ્ર)(મોતી) (3) Mercury- Emerald (બુધ-પન્ના) (4) Mars-Coral (મંગળ-પરવાળુ) (5) Jupiter-yellow sapphire (ગુરુ-પોખરાજ) (6) Venus-Diamond (શુક્ર- હીરો)(7) Saturn-Blue Diamond (શની- નીલમ).

A Zodiac and the Gem:-
(1) Aries (મેષ)– Diamond
(2) Taurus (વૃષભ)–Emerald
(3) Gemini (મિથુન)– Tourmaline
(4) Cancer(કર્ક)– Pearl
(5) Leo(સિંહ)– Ruby
(6) Virgo (કન્યા)– Sapphire
(7) Libra (તુલા )– Opal
(8) Scorpio (વૃશ્ચિક )– Topaz
(9) Sagittarius (ધન )– Turquoise
(10) Capricorn (મકર)– Garnet
(11) Aquarius (કુંભ)– Amethyst
(12) Pisces (મીન)– Aquamarine

But gems are not put on only as per the zodiac signs. It must be matched through your horoscope or Kundali (chart) and related planets and zodiac. Before putting on a gem it is necessary that gems must show its effect right from the first to 45 days after putting it. But better guide or astrologer advice is essential before experimenting to wear any gem- stones.


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