ॐ अम्बे॒डअम्बि॒केम्बा॑लिके॒ न मा॑ नयति॒ कश्च॒न ।
सस॑त्यस्वकः सुभद्रिकां काम्पीलवासिनी॑म् ॥
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“Shree Ganeshay Namah”

Aries (મેષ) :-

The first sign of zodiac cycle is Mesh (Aries). This is a Zodiac of element called Fire. All persons of the zodiac are of adamant and angry of nature and work much to develop or to be more progressive in the life. The master of the sign is Mars. So more vigor is observed in this individual. As it is the first sign of the zodiac cycle,the individuals of this own think first about themselves or one may call them a selfish person.The individuals falling in this category are lack of emotions. There is always flow of energy for such individuals. So the easily pick up any task. Such power is not found in every other zodiac signs. It is very easy to know such individual as to their gestures develop on their faces and reactions according to a situation. They are more diligent so they prefer an occupation to a job. Such individuals are generally extra religious.They even spend money for their religion. Generally they love to travel more.
The symbol of this zodiac is a sheep. These individuals like more to live in a group. The heights of such individual are above an average.Do not tease the individuals of this zodiac as it is good if they do not speak but if they begin to speak,they use very bad words for the opponent. These individuals have a loving mother,wife and children. Yet,they have differences with father,younger brothers and sisters.
The second zodiac of the cycle is Taurus. These individuals like beautiful things more but they are unable to digest this duty according to their nature.They are fond of delicious food but many times they do not observe a good meal because of their nature.
If the zodiac is Mesh and if Mars is in good position in Janmapatrika, these individuals can become a constable/enforcement worker and are seen in army, as leaders and in sports.
The Mars is also called the son of the earth. So such individuals have very good relations with their mother and their motherland. They secure good love of mother. The zodiac third from (Mesh) is the sign of mercury. There is enmity between the mercury and Mars witch lead them to undertake any events blindly. The zodiac-Mesh is the zodiac of adventure’s Mars. This zodiac is considered as zodiac of face and brain. A special vigor is observed in individuals falling in this sign. They many times take hasty decisions. However they are very skillful in their work. Curiosity, skill and expertise are observed in individuals having this zodiac. Generally they are highly ambitious, adamant and diligent. In this zodiac the sun and Saturn occupy very high and low positions respectively. So in the life of such individual is very hard. Such individual suffers from the following diseases: Headache, ache of eyes,common cold, cold and cough, diseases occurring due to heat, high or low blood pressure,accidence and electric shocks. If Mars is adverse in the Janmapatrika, an increase in these troubles is observed. In order to overcome such diseases pure water must be taken in red or orange bottles or glasses. So they must put up in direct sun in the morning. Then the water must be left as it is for 1(one) or 2(two) hours in the sunlight and latter it should be drink by the person. Such practice will definitely improve the health of person.

Taurus (વૃષભ) :-

The sign of zodiac Taurus is a bull. So individual of this zodiac has both the properties of wool and Venus. The master of this zodiac is the Venus. So the individual of the zodiac are very peaceful by nature. They are very bright, have very white or black skin, and have a build of medium type. Their bodies are stout and well build. Their neck is erect and hair is densely black. Their eyes are very bright and imposing personality.
They do not leave a task half done. They do not like any change in their life style. They have a habit to live uniform life. They always live within the limits of policy and religion framed by them. They are much helpful as friends. As it is the second zodiac of the cycle, they are associated with occupations related to money, e.g., they are associated with stock market, gambling, race, and like other speculative business.
They are beautiful as the Venus. The people having this zodiac finish their task very respectfully. They finish their task in style. There is a remarkable attraction in the eyes of such person. They are always smiling. The person having this zodiac is generous or, optimistic and enthusiastic. The master of this zodiac is Venus. It is related to power and beauty. So such persons are always looking young and bright.
This zodiac is under the influence of Venus. Such individuals are seen more in luxurious things. The person having this zodiac balances himself in any circumstances. They derive happiness even from adverse situation. They make people laugh. These individuals are good when they are cool and calm but can become cruel at the time of necessity.
The people having this zodiac are very jolly and joyful when they are alone. The persons having this zodiac are sportsman and are just interested in businesses. They are more thoughtful. They enjoy new ideas. They are patrons of art. They show keen interest in knowing new things and to create attraction. They show their dominance at every place by their dress, movement and style. The person of this zodiac suffers from the diseases like common cold, throat troubles, difficulties of vertebrae, insomnia, nose infection, etc. if the Venus in adverse position in Janmapatrika, it increases these troubles.
Treatment of disease
Dry ginger (sunth), black chilies (Mariya), and Dalchini should be taken in powder form after mixing it equal proportion and mixed in pure water. Half spoon should be taken with Ghee or honey. It is also adived to keep the powder under the sun rays for 1 to 2 hours before it is taken. It will give relief in the disease.

GEMINI (મિથુન) :-

The lord of this zodiac is Mercury. The Mercury is considered as an intelligent planet. But the nature of the individual depends on the position of the Mercury in the Janmapatrika. Mercury is considered as an impotent planet. The person having this zodiac have gift of god. Such a person thinks about the time also before pronouns or speaks. They also know how to make people laugh. Because of joyous nature this person becomes very popular.
They have much mental and physical energy. They do not hesitate to undertake any task. They are not swept up by emotions and feelings, though they are dedicated they possess much ability to work constant by the person of this zodiac always try to find a superiors person. He/she tries to find accompany of a person who is more intelligent to him. As it being the third zodiac of the cycle, the person is less adventurous. He always plans before doing any work. The person having this zodiac appears smaller than his age. They have much power of arguments. They are never peaceful without making arguments. Then even the person of this zodiac has much control over his speech. They do not speak unreasonably and are expert in political language. The sign of this zodiac is two persons; i.e. a man and woman, who are found sitting with their faces in each other opposite direction. These individuals are practical in many cases. They have good thinking power and are emotional also. But in many matters they are unable to put their ideas into practice. They remain ideas only for them. The person having this zodiac gives importance to humanity. They have an amicable nature. They are habituated of poking their nose into affairs of others. They have feminine nature. Many times they are surrounded by women. Their physic is delicate like that of a woman.
A person having this zodiac mainly suffers from mental diseases. They are unable to maintain mental equilibrium. If the position of Mercury is adverse in Janmapatrika, they have more skin diseases.
Gemini occupies the third place in zodiac cycle. These people get quickly excited and when necessary they can create excite other people. The element of this zodiac is of air. The persons having this zodiac are visionaries. They slip into frustration when a vision is not fulfilled. They have lack of confidence. If a person of this zodiac is associated with a lazy person, they remove laziness from him.
Dry ginger(Suntha), nutmeg and Jethimadh should be taken in proper margin. This mixture should be powdered in proper proportion. This powder should be taken with milk. After it is cooled small tablets can be made from it. It is recommended to take two tablets at the time of sleeping to cure diseases. Pure water must be filled in white or green water and be put in direct rays of the sun, for 1(one) to 2(two) hours. Then such water should be taken. The person of this zodiac should chant the Mantra of Mercury or should worship lord Vishnu.

LEO (સિંહ) :-

The lord of this zodiac is the Sun. The person of this zodiac is having personality of the Sun. Many times they disappear like an eclipse. These individuals are more powerful. He is more honest. He is not afraid of anything. He proves himself in every position. He establishes his dominance at every place.
The sun is considered as planet representing a father. Such a person appears very strict but helps people. Such persons have much self-respect and they never tolerate an insult.
The persons having this zodiac are more adamant and much angry. The element of this zodiac is fire. As a result they have more physical heat. The person of this zodiac never retreats from any task. They make the most difficult task easy and possible. As a lion is called the king of the violent animals, the persons of zodiac establish their dominance whenever they go.
The fifth zodiac in the zodiac cycle is Leo.Such individuals love children more. They derive profit from stocks and lottery. They have ability of precognition. The individuals of this zodiac do not like flattery of any person. They tell anything on the face. They are not afraid of anything.
They live a satisfactory life but their life style is different and of superior quality. The seventh (7th- સાતમી) zodiac from Leo is Aquarius. It is consider as a zodiac of their enemy.
They forgive their enemy who surrenders himself. Such individuals are unable to express their love. They never like to boast. So such persons are always jealous of them. Such individuals help other people under any circumstances. It is a great weakness of these people. At present people misuses gentlemen. So such individuals must think much before helping others. They must control their emotions.
These individual have assort of vigor and strength. They can stand any task and situation.
The persons having this zodiac have more troubles with their eyes, bones and stomach. They can be victims of the heart disease also. They quickly develop swellings. If the sun is adverse in Janmapatrika then they can contact many diseases. But in comparison to people of other zodiac have more immunity so the intensity of disease is not seen.

A person of this zodiac should never take stale food. He should take more gooseberries (Amlas-આમળા) in winter. They should take 1 (one-એક) teaspoon full of honey at night every day. This increases immunity.
Pure water should be taken in an orange or red bottle and it should be placed in direct sun rays for 2(two) hours and then this water must be drunk. This controls diseases.
The persons of this zodiac should worship Lord Sun or mother Gayatri (ગાયત્રીમાતા).

CANCER (કર્ક) :-

The lord of this zodiac is the Moon. Such a person is delicate and unsteady like a moon. He/she has a loving nature. He/she has are merciful. The behaviors of such person are like gentlemen but are habitual of perfidious. Such a person is much emotional about in his/her personal life. Such person gives more importance to his family then his personal life. It is the fourth zodiac.
The sign of this zodiac is a crab. Such persons have a nature like crab. This zodiac has aqueous elements. THEY ARE LIKE WATER BY NATURE. They always follow the proverb, “a man is like the company he keeps”. They mix with everything and every person. Such a person likes water too much. As river flows in a sea, such a person mixes fully with his partner.
As water is quickly cool and hot the anger of this person is like it. Nobody knows such a person when he would be angry or happy. He has property like water so such an individual is shy. They do not even speak quickly. Such individuals are very delicate. Such individuals have more grasping power. As water finds its own way, such an individual finds his own way. As an imaginable energy is stored in water unimaginable energy is stored in that person. It is required only to bring out this energy.
Such a person has moving nature they have high grasping power. They have inertia and so they do not like to sit constantly at one place. There are many occasions of emotions in the life of such persons. If they do not control these emotions there are complete chances of heart disease.


The persons of this zodiac suffers from
-pain in the chest
-aqueous diseases
-stomach troubles
-gaseous trouble
-and if she is a woman she has more trouble with menustration cycle.

If moon is adverse in the Janmapatrika then the mental disposal is worse.
Dry Ginger(Suntha), black pepper(Mariya), Dalchini and pepper should be taken in equal proportion. They should be powdered in a mixture. Everyday one teaspoonful honey and pure ghee should be taken with half teaspoonful of powder. This helps in controlling the diseases. Pure water should be filled with white glass bottle and it should be placed directly in the place of sun for half an hour and it should be drunk. It is beneficial to the health of such persons.
Cancer is the fourth zodiac sign among twelve. These individuals have pleasure of land and house. They also show affection towards mother and their motherland.
They can keep up to get good results by worshiping Moon and lord Shiva.

VIRGO (કન્યા) :-

The lord of this zodiac is Mercury. The sign of this zodiac is a woman. This is the second zodiac of the zodiac cycle. People of this zodiac appreciate people to never forget anything. They are full of philanthropic attitude. People of this zodiac forget the vices of the people and believe in progress. Feminine element is seen much in this zodiac. They possess properties like delicacy and are more emotional. It is difficult to know the age of such a parson as their age is not seen because of Mercury. But there is wide difference between zodiac Gemini and zodiac Virgo. The lord of both the zodiac is Mercury. But Mercury gives a good result in zodiac Gemini while many times it is negative in zodiac Virgo.
The zodiac second from Virgo is Libra. These persons speak very beautifully and use respectful words. They take almost care that a person does not feel bad. The zodiac eighth (8th) from them is Aries (Mesh). The lord of this zodiac is the Mars. The individuals of this zodiac should protect themselves from accidents and fire. Virgo is the sixth (6th) zodiac of the zodiac cycle. The individuals of this zodiac are service minded. These individuals have more interest in a job or broker ship. In it these individuals are more flexible. These individuals always plan and if they follow it completely, they are successful. They make a good business career. They are more successful in the business if it involves service to humanity e.g. security, labor contractor etc.
This zodiac is of element Earth. In these individuals, some inertia is observed. They remain occupied in the same activity. They are obstinatealso. This sometimes proves to be wrong. They love nature more. This is the zodiac of Mercury and if combination of Moon+Mercury supposed to be align, the person may go mad. Therefore it is essential for these individuals to control their feelings.
Negativity of Mars is witness very high in this zodiac. They are generally indecisive in their wish and often they loose the opportunity comes to their way. It is difficult to imagine about their thinking. Even mental imbalance can be observed in such persons.

Normally such individuals are suffering from diseases related to intestine, madness, typhoid, and ulcers etc. person of this zodiac are physically delicate so sometimes they seems to be more younger. If Mercury is in the bad position in Janmapatrika, mental ability found very poor. That may lead to mental disability;take water warmed under the open sky and sunrays. Water needs to be filled in green or brown water and it should be consumed after one or two hours
Individuals belongs to this zodiac should. In order to control the diseases praying lord Vishnu and chanting Mantra of Mercury would be prove beneficial.

LIBRA (તુલા) :-

The master of this zodiac is Venus. These individuals always give priority to duty and even to cleanness. They are very smart in their speech and prefer to worship god. They are devoid of untrue exhibition and paying full attention towards their family. Their eyes are attractive. They are normally not selfish persons. Such people: yet, has to prevent themselves from venereal diseases.
This is the seventh sign of zodiac cycle. The symbol of this zodiac is a man(Balance). They are fair and giving importance to their partner. This zodiac belongs to Venus. They are not compromising with their taste of food and snacks and they always prefer to eat hasty-tasty meal. They do not favor injustice and follow the rule of justice. Being highly sensitive to all, many times they have to face insulting situations. They are generally, venerable to the situation where they may felt disposition. Yet they maintain good relations with family but counterparts misuse them. Such individuals are showing willingness to help others and readiness to keep their house and surrounding very clean and neat.
This is a zodiac have gaseous element and such person keen to show their superiority over others. They can prove it. The individuals of this zodiac have very high visions or dreams and they try very much to fulfill them but cannot fulfill it. The possess efficiency to show that the work is complete by their smartness. These individuals always live in the society and joint family life. They have a special dress and strange manners. The individuals are attracted by beautiful and artistic things. Such individuals are not traditional but they respect the customs. They are faithful to their society, family and friends. They have high imaginative power. They have good ideology and good imaginative power. They are highly intelligent. They are found to live among intelligent people.

They have deficiency of hormones. In females, there is troubles with uterus. If Venus is adverse, males have deficiency with semen. These persons should keep special attention in eating and drinking. They should not take stale food.

Pure water stored in green or white bottle which would have been treated under the sunrays for at least 1 to 2 hours and then it should be taken. This therapy will give relief to them.
The individuals of this zodiac have high faith in god. If the individuals of this zodiac are given they could be do good work.
The individuals of this zodiac should chant the Mantra of Venus. They should worship mother

CAPRICORN (મકર) :-

The lord of this Capricorn zodiac is Saturn. They are very kind of nature. They are obstinate and adamant also. The Saturn is the representative of this zodiac. The individuals of this zodiac work calmly and coolly finish the work. Seriousness is seen on the face of these individuals. But they are practical in social life.
The individuals of this zodiac are selfish. They knew fully well how to take work from others. The individuals of this zodiac are very aggressive. They believe in doing each work very well. They fully know well how to take work from the others. The individuals of this zodiac are very aggressive. They believe in doing each work very well. They do not incur debt as so they are miser by nature. But they many times lose their self-respect in being over-miser.
The sign of this zodiac is a crocodile with the base of a Deer. The nature of this individual is according to their zodiac. This individual works very hard and takes full advantage of the opportunity. As it is difficult to take out anything out of the mouth of a crocodile, so it is very difficult to snatch anything from the lands of such an individual.
This is a mobile zodiac. Such individuals never sit at one place. They are very emotional. These individuals are leading very easily right from the childhood. These individuals possess art to cheat people. They have to work and them easily victorious over their enemies. The reason for this is that the method of attack of individuals of this zodiac is very well. Feminine company is less observed in these individuals.
The Capricorn is the tenth (10th) zodiac of the zodiac cycle. This zodiac has Earth as element. The individuals of this zodiac are very obstinate and adamant. They never leave anything undertaken. The hold on every object is very well. The individuals of this zodiac are hasty by nature. Even days pass but they never start their work. The individuals of this zodiac work very hard. As it is 10th zodiac of the cycle, they have more tendencies to take government job. They always are in good terms with their father. They always have many disputes. The individuals of this zodiac are experts in working silently.

The individuals of this zodiac mainly suffer from the following diseases:
-pain of joints
-problems of vertebra
-problem of gas

They must practice yoga and pranayama. They should take regular exercise. Due to this their body completely co-operates with the old age. If Saturn is adverse in the Janmapatrika there is an increase in these diseases.

The individuals of this zodiac should take turmeric (Haldar-હળદર), Dry gooseberry (Amlas-આમળા) and dry ginger (Suntha-સૂંઠ) in equal proportion and powdered the mixture in a mixer. This powder should be taken with two teaspoonful honey. It controls these diseases.
They should take pure water in blue white glass bottle and put it in direct rays of the sun in the morning for 1(one) or 2(two) hours and then drink this water. The individuals of this zodiac should always respect old people. They have an advantage in chanting japs of Shani (Saturn-શનિ) or should read Shani-Chalisa(શનિ ચાલીસા). Worship of lord Shiva also helps.


Jupiter is the lord of this zodiac. These individuals are hypocritical. They are self-centered and have nature like a teacher. They are humanitarian and bright. They are observed giving unwanted advice to others. They can never tolerate an insult. They quickly become very angry. The individuals of this zodiac are experts in getting their work done. The individuals of this zodiac are not as calm and cool as they appear. They are smart and equally skillful in using others. They like visits to hill stations and places of pilgrimage. They have good faith for god. The individuals of this zodiac are very faithful. But they are faithful to their inferiors only. E.g. a teacher is faithful to his students. They are good people with their yes-men. The individuals of this zodiac rest only on finishing a work. These individuals are very diligent. They do not like laziness but believe more in work. The individuals of this zodiac are so much absorbed in their work that they consider work as god.
The sign of this zodiac is half a horse and half human being with a bow. They work for 18(eighteen) hours out of 24 hours a day without fatigue but get tired in later age.
The individuals of this zodiac are intensive workers. In them the anger is seen every moment. It appears as if energy is passing through their bodies. They have less emotion and are not swept in emotions. They always think about their good or bad.
This zodiac is of bi-nature, so sometimes the decisive power of these individuals is very weak. Disputes are seen in his family. they never get any credit for the support given to their family-a dispute is never solved.


The person of this zodiac suffer from

-pain in knee
-deformation of blood
-blood pressure (high or low)
-gaseous troubles

If Jupiter is adverse in the Janmapatrika they have more worries about health.

Pure water should be taken in yellow glass bottle and it should be placed in direct rays of the sun in the morning of one (1) or two (2) hours and then drink that water. This water gives some relief in most diseases.
The individuals of this zodiac should worship Jupiter and lord Dattatreya.

Scorpio (વૃશ્ચિક)

The lord of this zodiac is the Mars. As such it is it is female zodiac. The individuals of this zodiac feel wrong very quickly. Persons of this zodiac are also strict. This is a zodiac of genital organs. The individuals of this zodiac are expert in concealing any matter. The person of this zodiac has more sexual nature. They have fewer relations with their wife. These individuals can adjust to any situation. These persons are more enthusiastic, addictive, hard and obstinate. The persons of this zodiac have more urinary trouble. If this individual is a female, she has trouble with menstrual cycle.
The person of this zodiac is very obstinate and do not give up a work even if there is loss in it is very difficult to convince these individuals. They do not accept anything easily. They do not believe in forgiving there enemies and have no mental peace still they take revenge. The element of this zodiac is water. But this is foul water (water of drainage, liquor etc.) the individuals are similar by nature. They use foul language and speak whatever comes to their mind. They take decisions without thinking.
The sign of this zodiac is a scorpion. The nature of this people is also vicious. They take any decision at any time. They are always ready to take revenge with their enemies. They do not rest till they finish the enemy. They are quarrelsome by nature. They speak much, are never peaceful and are angry every now and then. But the moon is low or adverse, the individuals should control their emotion and anger otherwise they can contact heart troubles.
This is the eighth zodiac of the cycle. These persons have more occult tendency. They are not afraid of doing any evil work. So such individuals have direct advantage from the government also. These persons spend money for luxury. They like moving at places and prefer simple life-style. They seem to enjoy the luxurious of modern age.
Treatment of disease
These persons have the possibility of venereal disease. If the mars is adverse in Janmapatrika, such and individual is easily disappointed and lose their mental balance. They are addicted to evil liquids. The person of this zodiac should remain away from wine.
Pure water should filled in red bottle and be place in the sunlight for 1 to 2 hours in the morning. He should drink this water. It would benefit him. The person of this zodiac should chant Mantra of Mars and worship there family deity or lord Ganpati.

Pisecs (મીન) :-

The lord of this zodiac is Jupiter. This is a zodiac of element called water. The individuals of this zodiac like to give advice people more. They are always believed wrongly that they are cleverer than others. They have a false notion that they are more intelligent than others. The individuals of this zodiac are fond of eating but they prefer less sweet compared to the people of Sagittarius. They love to have oily or fatty food.
This zodiac is having element of water by nature. They are much inclined and sensitive, emotional and soft. They have courage to keep their word or promises they have made. But such tendency leads them to disease like hyper tension, heart and palpitation etc. Their nature is highly amicable.
It is a zodiac sign that have dual nature. They also exhibit faith in religion. They love to perform religious customs as well. They generally become popular among the community for their nature. Person of this zodiac spend time for social works. Due to their dual nature, they sometime give up common task while do difficult work on another time.
The symbol of this zodiac is two fish that are shown in the opposite direction. The Pisces is the 12th and the last sign of the zodiac cycle. The individuals of this zodiac are very smart in their work and even they do not give any indication about their decision. However, sometime it is find that they are in the dual state of mind when the question comes to take conclusive decision in difficult situation. They also entertain doubt the complete the work undertaken by them so many times they lose good opportunities. They are fond of eating and traveling. They have strong physical build but they are delicate in appearance. Working according to the time, they also knew how to playing treachery. They even take up the challenge whenever it is necessary.
Their bodies are normally very oily. Nature wise they are good and amiable and sociable. However, they are considered to be narrow minded. They are highly sensitive but they equally know to change the other person. They prefer the company of women as their zodiac belong to feminine category and often, their body is also express female type characteristics.
Primarily the person of this zodiac suffers from the disease like Diabetes, memory loss, tumor on body, orthopedic ailments, high blood pressure, mental inability and skin problems etc.
Such individuals should take half a spoon of the mixture of clove (Laving-લવિંગ), black peeper (કાળા મરી)and ginger(Sunth-સૂંઠ)with barley (Jav-જવ) in equal proportion in order to keep their healthiness. They could also experience the benefit for the health if they try to drink pure water after keeping it in either blue or black bottle under the sun rays of dawn for 1 or 2 hours.
The persons of this zodiac should get benefit by worshipping either lordShri Krishna or their Guruji.


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