ॐ अम्बे॒डअम्बि॒केम्बा॑लिके॒ न मा॑ नयति॒ कश्च॒न ।
सस॑त्यस्वकः सुभद्रिकां काम्पीलवासिनी॑म् ॥
Manojkumar Dave
(+91-9825775440 )

“Shree Ganeshay Namah”

Symptoms of various organs of humans are being under study and it will be continues process in the time to come. Following such study based on the scientific experiments, spiritual thoughts, research and experience, it lead to human organization theme. Currently it is known as “SamudrikShastra” (સામુદ્રિક શાસ્ત્ર), in which all the human organs were studied at length. However, it is found that entire study may not possible over short span of period. Thus, it is divided in three compartments. (1) Face study (2) palmistry (3) study of feet.
Among this three Shastras(studies-અધ્યયન), the Palmistry is the most known and popular among the people. The Palmistry originates in India has been accepted by the western civilization also. The details of Palmistry are adopted from “SamudrikShastra”(સામુદ્રિક શાસ્ત્ર). So there is no separate ancient book or work regarding it. But it is mentioned by every Sage in his “SamudrikGranth-book or a chapter.
Thus, the history of Palmistry is very old. Which hand/palm should be studied in the given Shasrta. The following are included in it, say fingers, thumbs, nails, mountains on palm and formation of palm etc. and the study of-
1. Life line
2. Mind(head-brain) line
3. The heart line
4. The fate line
5. The sun line
6. The mercury
7. The marriage line
8. The children(progeny)
9. The influence line
10. The sex line
11. The intuition line
12. The outline (the structure) of a hand
13. The type of a hand
14. The study of fingers, the thumbs, nails and mounts, etc.

These lines are always present in the palm of any person but they go on changing as time passes and so their outcomes also go on changing. At the time of studying a palm, the answered to any question asked by a personis given taking all factors in account as far as possible. Both the hands of a person are studied before prediction, but more importance is given to his/her active hand. From it, all the questions of a person can be answered. All the lines from the tip of finger to the “Bandh (closets) (બંધ)” of the wrist are studied before giving final answer. It is determined from the question of the person. Thus all the events from his birth to date today which are going to happen in future is known from his or her lines of a palm. All these things depend upon the nature; it is said that a person may helpless against nature. But it is forgotten that the future of a person is balanced to his own workmanship. How to shape up your future life, glory, self-respect and yourself to be useful to the other or depend upon you. What is needed is a good guide who can change the course of life. Our palmistry is most useful for that. Use it properly and turn your life (future) in proper direction. God will definitely help you.


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