ॐ अम्बे॒डअम्बि॒केम्बा॑लिके॒ न मा॑ नयति॒ कश्च॒न ।
सस॑त्यस्वकः सुभद्रिकां काम्पीलवासिनी॑म् ॥
Manojkumar Dave
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“Shree Ganeshay Namah”

Numerologist is said that a person is associated with his horoscope from his time of birth and that the numbers are subservient to it. The planets associated with any number express itself when there is an opportunity. At present,

There are three (3) branches of astrology in vogue:-
(1) The Chinese numerology
(2) The Western numerology
(3) The Indian numerology

The Indian numerology includes, in general, both the Chinese and the Western one. It is said that the number were used by the Hindus in the construction of the sacred compilation (the Vidhis-વિધિઓ or rituals) for a Ygnya(યજ્ઞ) etc. The no. 108 was given much importance in it. The no. 108 is applied to the names of great saints and sages. In the ‘Mala’ used for chanting a Mantra has 108 beads. Thus, a date (Tithi) a day, a constellation etc. are related with the numbers only.

Some person consider no. 13 as an omenful (or a cursed no.- અપશુકનિયાળ અંક ), but no. 13 is one that of regeneration such as the Dhanterash (ધનતેરશ), Shivratri (શિવરાત્રી) etc. When Jesus Christ was crucified, 13 nails were applied to the cross. The no. 13 (13=1+3) = (Harsheal/Rahu= TheSun+Jupiter) has thus a dominance, which numbers is good or bad is determined from the date of birth of the person. In it even the number associated with a day is given importance. We could make better changes in the life by numerology as you can know the total of your name keeping the date of birth in view and can know whether your name is matches with your date of birth. The name can be changed if the number is not matching with that of birth. There are many films stars who have made changes in their names, and they really progressed. Your years of progress can also be known. For example , TusharKapoor was use to mention his name as ‘TosharKapur’, but later on he changed his spelling like ‘Tussarkuppor’ and the than now we could see the difference of his progress. Hence man film stars gained momentum in their career by making few changes in their names or spelling of names. To be precise, one can change his life and living by making few changes by knowing the total of their birth date and other cosmic movements.

Thus, the numbers are associated from the date of birth to death of a person and those numbers show good and bad events that may come in his/her life. You can use astrology for purchasing new house, on the basis that what number of house would benefit you and on which date or a Tithi you can go for living in the new house. We can get the best results, if we use numerology in the present era.

Read follow descriptions:
(1) The number of a day-Dinank-દિનાંક :The nature of a person can be known from his date of birth with his/her mental disposition that could be examined.
(2) The month number (Masank-માસાંક) : From knowing the month, the glory, prestige etc. of a person can be judged.
(3) Number of year (Varshank-વર્ષાંક) : How will life proceed can be known from the year of the birth.
(4) Number of destiny (Bhagyank-ભાગ્યાંક): The total of the birth date number of month end the number of year determined his figure of destiny- the Bhagyank. From it, one can know how life of his/her will pass or progressed. Your years of progress can also be known. Thus the numbers are associated from the birth to death of a person and those numbers show the good and bad events in his/her life.

Numerology not a result of study by over a night, but it is fact that it has been the outcome of research of our ancient hermits and saints. For example, they do follow number nine (9) in Navratri (નવરાત્રી) and number two (2) on the occasion AshadhiBij (અષાઢી બીજ), On Akhatrij (અખા ત્રીજ- અક્ષય તૃતિયા) it is given no. 3 etc.
Overall No. 9 is being used as dominant like nine planets in the orbit. After that one may have noticed that No. 7 is also used in calendar just to know the day and dates like Sunday Monday, Tuesday etc.


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