ॐ अम्बे॒डअम्बि॒केम्बा॑लिके॒ न मा॑ नयति॒ कश्च॒न ।
सस॑त्यस्वकः सुभद्रिकां काम्पीलवासिनी॑म् ॥
Manojkumar Dave
(+91-9825775440 )

“Shree Ganeshay Namah”

When a person is born on the Earth, the horoscope is also fall on his credentials’. It may be said as destiny. The horoscope of any person is reflecting his/her future life. One may not know a person, but if he has the right horoscope then astrologer could tell him his past and the event to come in his life. It’s meaning is not that you cannot know the future if he does not know the person of the time of his birth. But astrologer must require “Prashna Kundali”(Questioned Horoscope-પ્રશ્ન કુંડલી). . He also require “ Lagna Kundali (લગ્ન કુંડલી) ” in order to predict ones future life of the person. There are many types of horoscopes.
The following information can easily be known from the horoscope of a person:

-Childhood(both quality and number)
-house, building
-Happiness from the mother and father
-Happiness from the sisters and brothers
-Terms with the neighbor.
-To adopt an occupation or to take a job
-An acception should be undertake bearing certain name
-What should be the name of the the occupation and what name will be beneficial
-Prediction about the progress of child after his/her marriage etc.

The Lagna Kundli that rises at the time, birth is known as “‘Janma Lagna’ e.g.if the LeoLagna rises at the time of birth thanit can be said that the person is born in “‘Sinh Lagna’. It cannot be said that he/she will marry with a person whose zodiac sign is Leo. Any zodiac sign like Mesh or the Min can be judged on the basis of Janma Patrika and the Lagna Yog arises at the time of birth.

The Sun and The Moon both are given equal importance in the Indian culture. Prediction could be made for solar or a lunar culture or the calendar that is been followed by Indian culture or tradition. Kundaligives you fortune telling about your life, wife, husband, and children. This is the mirror of anybody’s life. The fortune of the person can be predicted on the basis of his Zodiac or Lunar, both types of Patrik or horoscope. These 12 houses of The Kundali- (કુંડળી) or Patrika-(પત્રિકા) or the horoscope,are known as ‘Bhavans’ (houses) (ભવન). On the basis of these 12 houses, the health and the body built can be known. From the horoscope, one could know about his/ wife/husband, parents (Father and mother), kind of brothers and sisters he will have (both quality, characteristics and the numbers). Thus, it can be said that a horoscope is a mirror of the person.


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