ॐ अम्बे॒डअम्बि॒केम्बा॑लिके॒ न मा॑ नयति॒ कश्च॒न ।
सस॑त्यस्वकः सुभद्रिकां काम्पीलवासिनी॑म् ॥
Manojkumar Dave
(+91-9825775440 )

“Shree Ganeshay Namah”

All the things what we, I or you see and touch are the part and particles of universe and as such it’s a combination of pure power. These colossal bunch of elements are almighty and that all is what one call either God, Lord or “Super Power”. It won’t matter, since yourself is the energy or say “Power”. Precisely it can be said that if one should know his soul and associate his reach to the world, has the potential to go many a miles. We can assume that we are the source of energy or the part of energy for the ocean and could find the way of living life by opening the door of our soul. Such sense of guidance is been given by the God itself on which we need to follow. It is our creator God who developed our tendency, tent and nature. It is God who provides us unmatchable source of power and energy and human being is able to adept such vast power. However, it is not possible for every human to grasp such power because it is essential for him to follow the rules of nature. Anyone who does not follow the rules of nature, God is not granting him and is not given any kind of energy. The power of nature is indefinite.
Humans are very tiny before the power of nature and one could not go beyond it. It is said that prevention is better than cure and following this idiom, God is gifting you with defensive measures against any unforeseen events like heavy rain, monsoon,flood, winter or summer. It is common question that may arise in the mind of anybody that how one could prevent natural disaster such heat, incessant rain, tsunami etc. this question would immediately lead to remember the God. As you know that everybody makes the way to break law before it is promulgated and in the same manner God has given us the talent to fight against any sort of disastrous difficulties. During the ancient times, our sage and saints were doing this work while they were resting in their hermits. They were able to foresee any future eventuality. For example, blind Dhrutrashtra(ધૃતરાષ્ટ્ર) had watched the entireMahabharat (મહાભારત)warfare with the help of divine sight of Sanjay. Even in Ramayan(રામાયણ), lord Ram had crossed the sea to reach Lanka by building bridge on it and the bridge is still visible under the ocean with the help of latest electronic equipment! Is it possible in today’s modern age?
Yes, it is possible. Our sage and saints have gifted the said knowledge by scripting it into our Ved-Purans and Upnishad(વેદો અને પુરાણો) or religious books. It is only needed to understand the gist of them and to pray the lord. It is said that much power in devotion-‘Bhakti’(total dedication) .Is it true? A man can obtain whatever he wants from the lord through his devotion. Its subtle details are given in various scriptures. If a man understands these deep profound details and increases his faith in the lord than all this things are possible. It is possible that we cannot have the same power possesed by the sages and moonis. But we can follow the path of peace at the disastrous forms of energy. We can cultivate the destroying calamities and energy to prevent these are not old myths. Our Gujarat was affected by an earthquack, flood and excess rains. People suffered too much from this at that time I thought that this must be stopped and for this, worship must be done. Then only lord helps us. For example, when lord Ram wanted to construct a bridge (between India and ceilone) on the sea he worshipped lord Shiva and prayed him. He always listens to our prayer but your aim must be that of philanthropy and good. The lord has given us every type of energy to us in our body. It is said that our body is made up of five elements viz. the Fire, the Earth, the Water, the Air and the Space. Whole nature is included in these five elements. These elements are stray in the nature but they are composed in our body. We can realize the lord through meditation and yoga. And one prays for his need and may make wish to serve for the betterment of all in the time of devastating event. This is the energy lies in him and that is what we know it is “Super Power Energy of Universe” (Energy ofBrahmand).
With the help of such energy we could do all the works that are in the interest of our country and the world and even prevent the evil sense about the earthly movements. Say, the Ozone layer above the environment of the earth is provided by the God to protect human kind from the unbearable heat of the Sun but this layer is molted due to heavy pollution on the earth which led to “Global Warming” or this layer have been broken and everyone now thinking about how to solve the problem of increasing heat on the earth. Such condition leads to climate change and hence there is incessant rain and humidity and people are suffering from it.
“Super Power Energy” can give the best protection against such occasions. Rainy season can be diverted to the areas where scarcity is high. Effect of cyclone can be reduced. Level of Ozone layer could be raised. Tsunami can be prevented. This power is definitely works in any circumstances. Diseases can be taken under control and anyone suffering from chronic disease can be cured with such power. That means one could be cured from the situation of coma, if his lifeline or age is long. If his life is short, he can be given the rest to heavenly abode. Human mind can be changed for the welfare of the others. Negativity from the mind can be removed and if he is harassing people, his thinking can be divert for the upliftment of others by adopting this method of Bhakti. This is even helpful in running business or company where they are struggling to make progress. In short we can say that,
“Remedy without medicine, war without weapon, super power of energy is a grace of nature”

Such wonderful and unimaginative power is the “Super Power Energy” which could benefit the country and the world. It is just necessary that we should at least know about any disasterbefore it happens and to save all from such situation.
This is not a kind of Tantra-vidya or Evil rituals but it is our ancient techniques. It is not some physical material. It is just to feel. Yet it should apply very thoughtfully to get ourselves out of devastating situation and life of masses could be saved.
Recently, let us take the events of Japan and very disturbing pictures will start to blur in your mind. Firstly the earth quakes followed by tsunami that have wreak havoc in entire Japan. Many have lost their lives and number of critical installation destroyed. One can say that the human have helped the nature to spread gigantic hara-kiri. The advance technology and science turned to be curse for them. The nuclear reactors developed for defense were become the instruments of mass killing for them and chain of blasts were noted during that period. It emanated radiation and that affected the normal life. Here I thought that predictions were there about tsunami not only for Japan but for more than 20 nations earlier but everything was settled and suddenly the situation changed for that country. It occurred and cool down as well. The fear of atomic blast too diminished. So, how all it happened and what are the reason behind it? I questioned myself. What would have happen if tsunami affected all that 20 country? What would have happen if nuclear reactors blasted? I think that might have been out of the world map. By the grace of God, nothing has materialized. Japan is now safe. Don’t you think that some divine power was behind such event? Yes, definitely some divine energy did work behind all these events.This kind of power is developed by Manojkumar .B. Dave on his own meditation theory. Tsunami and blast in nuclear reactors could have been prevented in nearly twenty countries with the help of “Super power energy” which is the method applied even in ancient times as well.
Don’t you think that it is difficult to believe? Yet,it is a fact that tsunami followed by radiation that wreak havoc in three to four countries instead of prediction for in the countries and there were blasts in nuclear reactors.What would have happen if more blasts occurred? Indeed such questions take place in our mind. All threat gradually melted down.Helicopters used to spray water on the affected plant and it has been turned more effective with sudden snow fall and that is the divine power projected from the far places like ours.one may have question that why first two blasts in the reactors cannot be prevented? When I received this news, Japan was already devastated by horrific pre-facture(earth quake and tsunami).it was predicted that tsunami may attack on other twenty countries.no sooner I heard the heart breaking news and prediction, I began my spiritual work and I succeeded in my task. Just imagine what would have happen if the further blasts took place? I, again use the “super Power Energy” of mine and it gives me and to the entire Japan as well as other countries to become safe from the calamities. I had informed about my success to TV9 channel (vernacular) in Ahmedabad and they had telecast it on the day of DHULETI, a local festival of colours, on the evening of 20-3-2011. I even have had indicated about the aftermath and that too was highlighted by the channel. All right, it is about the news and my success but I would like to tell everyone that just tell us and defend yourself and the mankind from the calamities created by the human being themselves. Get the best result by applying the method of “Super Power Energy”. Wish you all the best.


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