ॐ अम्बे॒डअम्बि॒केम्बा॑लिके॒ न मा॑ नयति॒ कश्च॒न ।
सस॑त्यस्वकः सुभद्रिकां काम्पीलवासिनी॑म् ॥
Manojkumar Dave
(+91-9825775440 )
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“Shree Ganeshay Namah”


I got these power by born so I joint it in tution to get many more knowledge I connected with this astrology line since 19 years and it’s continued today In between I have a 11 years work experience with multy national telecom company and get many more experience with world touch by Human beings I always asolve your any problems so you trust me that I am your best astrology friend and adviser My clients satisfaction is My capital now so I welcome you on my website and give you my best result.

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